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Steampunk formal wear by Goldenspring Steampunk formal wear by Goldenspring
This is an idea for a steam punk/victorian outfit. It's still a little too Victorian and not quite enough steam punk but I'm getting there. Bodice and peplum based on men's 19th century frock coat.
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HelloCentral Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2008
Ooh, that is really nice. I have yet to come across a good steampunk costume for a girl, but this one is awesome! I love how the dickie looks more like a man's shirt.
Goldenspring Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2008  Student Artisan Crafter
Thank you. I was trying to do a bit of cross-gender fashion detailing on this one.
KatarniaHolbart Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2008
If it in the same era then not only do you have a good start, you're almost there. And it been said before you don't have to look like a mechanic or a scientist to be Steampunk. It is the era of clothing with the little establishments that make it Steampunk. As we have our technology on us now (cell phones, ipods, cd players, bluetooth etc...) I tend to think what little things people would have on them or wear that they too don't think about that can make an outfit Steampunkish.
I love the outfit. It what I had in mind for one of my own and it will help me a lot. Thank you.
EvaneyReddeman Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2008
I like your approach to accessories/details, where you want everything to have a purpose. One thing that sometimes bothers me about people trying to design steampunk is the idea that if you slap a gear on there, you're set.

Also, I really like that bodice jacket.
Goldenspring Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2008  Student Artisan Crafter
Thank you. It always seems wrong to me for things not to have purpose or intention. (that's why I don't wear jewelry) It's pretty easy to think about in everyday life, but in costuming it takes a lot of thinking to make sure every part of a costume has a good justification. i tend to default to historical when i can't think of a reason which it why this pretty much looks like Victorian.
true-love Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2008
D'you know what it needs?

Goggles. Green ones. :P All that smog, remember?

No, seriously, it's awesome.

Suggestion, though: I often see the women of steampunk with shorter skirts than are really properly Victorian, so maybe try that?
Goldenspring Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2008  Student Artisan Crafter
thing is, I'm not trying to draw other people's steampunk, this is my own steampunk which, until I find good rationalizations for things, it pretty much Victorian without me having to do really specific research into what is and what is not authentic.
Forfaxia Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2008
I'm designing a steampunk outfit myself, and I've found that when you're not a gun toting chick or a cute toolgirl it's the details that add the steampunkishness. Maybe put some metallic embellishment on the jacket? Or make the dress in a color or fabric that suggests something other than historical accuracy- perhaps the jacket can be a purple and the petticoat/bustling layers become lighter as you go down?

Of course, any sort of eye accessory helps. For your look I'd suggest a pince-nez or some other delicate sort of glasses with tinted lenses, maybe on a bit of chunky chain?
Goldenspring Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2008  Student Artisan Crafter
Hmm. I have to say that I feel a need to justify steampunk in my mind. I have to go through and find a reason for everything. goggles for instance, they make sense if you're a mechanic, and tinted glassed make sense for sky pirates (gotta keep the sun out of your eyes) but if you're an everyday person why would you need eye wear? I've been thinking that perhaps it has to do with smog. After all if everything is steam powered than the steam is probably produced by burning coal and therefor everywhere would be very smoggy, this would make goggles very practical.

As to metallic details, she is supposed to have either double pocket watches (see the chains) or a watch and a compass.
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July 1, 2008
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